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Good Eats & Smoked Meats from Our Campground Barbecue Trailer

Enjoy a heaping helping of delicious barbecue food served up at B Dogs BBQ. You'll love our terrific assortment of sizzling meat, smoked to perfection with the help of three decades of experience working the smoker. Our concession trailer is centrally located at the Michigamme Shores Campground in Champion, Michigan, for your convenience. Be sure to join us whether you are touring the country in an RV or spending the night in a tent.

Barbecue SteakLunch & Dinner

At any given time our smoker is cooking all kinds of meat, from beef brisket and pulled pork to chicken and ribs. Pick your favorite to enjoy a fantastic lunch or dinner.

Lunch & Dinner
Macaroni and CheeseSides and Dessert

No meal is complete without one of our side dishes, including burnt end beans and macaroni and cheese. We also treat your sweet tooth to apple pie fries for dessert.

Sides & Dessert

About Us

B Dogs BBQ is a locally family-owned-and-operated company serving delicious dishes from our barbecue trailer at the Michigamme Shores Campground in Champion, Michigan. Having honed our recipes for more than 30 years, owners Brian and Jean Vandevort are honored to serve our pulled pork, chicken, and beef to campers on-site. Originally starting out hosting barbecue parties in our garage, we expanded over the years and started this business to spread the deliciousness! While we plan to open a restaurant location in the future, be sure to show your love for tasty barbecue today by ordering T-shirts and other promotional items from us.

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Call (906) 371-9227

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(906) 371-9227
(844) 800-5987


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